L.A. Ripamonti: a story about quality

L.A. Ripamonti takes its name from its founder, Luigi Andrea Ripamonti. The artisan, after 30 years of experience as a cabinet maker and inventor of new mechanical solutions for the instrument, decided in 1975 to found a workshop for the production of clarinets.
Since then began a history of research of perfection that has led to unique patents and tools increasingly appreciated by great musicians to enthusiasts.
Since its foundation, the name RIPAMONTI is present with continuity in the Italian and foreign Music Fairs, presenting more and more complete and refined products, from the Piccolo Clarinet Ab. Boehm system to the magnificent Contrabasso Bb. in Rosewood wood with gold plated mechanism.

Innovation, artisan quality and respect for tradition are the keys to the success of the brand.

G. clarinet

The instruments that best represents innovation and the research of L.A. Ripamonti is the G. Clarinet. Made and produced for the first time in the world by L.A. Ripamonti in 2002 with mechanical Boehm and barrel in Ebony Grenadilla or Cocobolo, it has since been a great success of criticism and sales. An incredible tool that confirms Italian inventiveness in the production of high-level artisan wind instruments.

L.A. Ripamonti patents

legatureConical ligature for the mouthpiece of the patented clarinet in 1980. It is an elastic cone that wraps the barrel completely keeping the mouthpiece pressed evenly, so that all the fibers can vibrate at their best and give an excellent sound.
la_anatomicoA unique key: anatomical and innovative, the key “A.” designed by Flavio Ripamonti distinguishes the Ripa professional clarinets and is the demonstration of the value of Italian design and care for every single detail.
The bassoon-embouched mouthpiece is the latest patent of L.A. Ripamonti. A great intuition for an excellent result, shared and appreciated all over the world. It was successfully presented at the Musik Messe in Frankfurt.
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Who we are

Luigi Andrea Ripamonti
Luigi Andrea RipamontiFounder
Flavio Ripamonti
Flavio RipamontiCEO
Edoardo Ripamonti
Edoardo RipamontiCollaborator
Corrado Pirola
Corrado PirolaLaboratory technician
Daniela Bianco
Daniela BiancoSecretary