Vandoren – Reeds V12 for Bb clarinet


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Reeds Vandoren V12 for Bb clarinet (gray box 10 pcs.)
The V • 12 reeds for the Bb Clarinet are manufactured with rods of the same diameter as those used for the reeds for alto saxophone. As a result the V • 12 reeds have a thicker heel and a longer and fuller vibrating plane than the traditional ones.
This allows a richer and darker sound to be obtained. The thickest tip gives body to the attack and makes it more resistant over time.
The introduction of the 3½ + measurement allows a gradation of more specific and close forces. This results in greater homogeneity between reeds of the same force.
The V • 12 line also extends to the clarinet in Mib and Basso so as to offer a rich, warm and powerful sound.

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V12 Clarinet

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