Yamaha – YTR9445CHS – C “Chicago Silver” Trumpet


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The primary consultant for the CH Series was John Hagstrom of the Chicago Symphony. In addition to testing parts and later prototypes with John and his colleagues, some very famous vintage trumpets owned by the CSO were used as benchmarks in the process. Those horns were studied in great detail, not to copy them, but rather to understand what made them so special.

The bell is one of the most important elements. The thickness of the wall gradually streamlines to the edge. This has a flat edge line and is wider than those of many modern trumpets, and it allows you to compact the sound when performing body dynamics. The welding of the bell is aligned with that of the brackets to improve the projection. The brackets between the bell, pistons and leadpipe are smaller, approaching the various parts of the instrument to ensure a more natural vibration.

The shape of the upper and lower piston pods and the minimum structure of the stems considerably contribute to the excellent response of the instrument.

The slide of the first piston has a special bracket that further focuses on the timbre of the instrument, which turns  out to be extremely clear and well defined.

The leadpipes are based on an original project by Bob Malone (MC1 for the C trumpet, MB1 for the Bb one). The C model shows a reverse tuning slide. The leadpipes are fundamental to the expressiveness and musicians will appreciate the ease through which they can identify the notes, in any register, with a very precise intonation and a perfect response.

Available on backorder

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