DRAKE – Bocchino “B. James” per Sax Tenore

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DRAKE – Bocchino “B. James” per Sax Tenore


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This model is the result of several years of collaboration between mouthpiece maker Aaron Drake and Boney James. Boney had contacted me a few years back to try several models. Over time and many prototype versions we arrived at this unique and innovative design. The mouthpiece incorporates a step baffle and a rounded baffle transition with a special reverse taper chamber design. It allows the player a tremendous amount of projection and expressiveness while still remaining very stable pitch wise. Boney had always played metal mouthpieces prior to our arriving at this new design. The material is also very special and is unique to Drake mouthpieces. It is a material engineered by Drake mouthpieces and is the first of its kind to incorporate ceramic with resin to achieve a highly resonant density property.

This mouthpiece includes our vintage resin double rail ligature, cap, mouthpiece bag and carrying case.

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Bocchino per sax tenore firmato by B. James, frutto della collaborazione tra l’artista e Aaron Drake. Fornito all’interno di custodia.

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