DRAKE – Bocchino “New York Jazz” Sax Alto

////DRAKE – Bocchino “New York Jazz” Sax Alto

DRAKE – Bocchino “New York Jazz” Sax Alto


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DRAKE – Bocchino “New York Jazz” Sax Alto.
We have designed this model to embody the characteristics of the great vintage NY Meyers with the added control and response qualities that Drake has become know for.  The rollover baffle transitions to a gradual floor slope that delivers the air column at a carefully calibrated angle to give maximum projection and depth of tone.  The medium “venturi” type chamber also contributes to a controled evenness  of timbre through the registers.  The beak angle and body dimensions have also been design for optimal embouchure comfort and beauty.
Made from Drake Vintage Resin.

– Includes Drake Double Rail vintage resin Ligature, cap and case


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New York Jazz

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