DRAKE – Bocchino “Vintage Resin Line Contemporary Crossover II” Sax Baritono


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Bocchino “Vintage Resin Line Contemporary Crossover II” Sax Baritono.

Featuring an innovative chamber design, these mouthpieces will give the projection and “punch” that you are looking for.  The medium reverse taper / venturi chamber is ideal for massive projection, while still maintaining a depth and balance in the overtone series.  Each of the mouthpieces features the same chamber desig with variation in the baffle angle and floor slope to meet the exact tonal preference of the player and the type of Baritone they are using.

You will find that these designs are well suited for everything from the Big Band setting to Funk, R&B and Jazz

Include Drake Ligature, cap and case



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Contemporary Crossover II

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